Antifaschismusplatz 2
1020 Vienna


18.09.2020 19:00
Hui Ye, JoaK,


admission: donation
cheap&good drinks&food

Our orbits have been thrown out of their path in the last few months and we have all practiced at general Äquidistanz. Listening habits were calibrated in the interferences of acoustic time delays in our daily streaming activities and only a few physical places could be heard in full physicality. The pandemic has not yet been banned, but nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, the Äquidistanz Festival is back with the two-day “Distance Edition” to explore the spherical space of the Republic of Kugelmugel again. To create a further vector of distance in the festival, the performances of the festival will be streamed via the echoräume!

The widely expected "Ka-Boom", "Miau", "Bang", "digi digi", "post digi", "Whaaahhm", "boing", "Zap", etc. will be part of the microcosm of the Republic again!

Due to limited space and COVID security measures, we ask you to register by email organisation@nothingmore.work!

We look forward to practicing careful conviviality together again! However, since the pandemic is not over, the physical presence is protected as much as possible by some security measures: The maximum number of people in the Republic of Kugelmugel is determined by a distance of 1.5 meters. Hand gels and masks are available. The windows of the Kugelmugel are always open!

Äquidistanz is a cooperation project of the associations NOTHINGMORE and MOOZAK with official support by the republic of Kugelmugel. Kindly supported by Stadt Wien.