advanced obstacles #1
2017/05/04 20:00 - 2017/05/04 20:00
Kugelmugel, Antifaschismusplatz 2, 1020 Wien
event with Niek Hilkmann, MTHS, Michael J. Muik

An evening on "navigation"!

"Universale Notation Intelligence" - Niek Hilkmann

The part-time dodologist, conductor of the first amateur avant-garde orchestra, disorganized collage-pop musician, director of "Panorama Ineptum", curator of festivals like "Will VHS save the universe", "Floppy Totaal I", "Floppy Totaal II" und "Floppy Totaal III" or to summarize the "polymath" Niek Hilkann will present his latest achievement called "Universal Notation Intelligence" (UNI). UNI is a new notation system that enables standardized graphical scores for conceptual music. It helps conceptual composers with the development and the exchange of their music in one universal language.


The entity MTHS will present his latest composition, one that intervenes directly into the infrastructure blackbox. From data records of satellites to the background noise of the local wireless network, it transforms layer by layer our "immaterial" technological surrounding into a discoverable body of sound, played by the speakers of the listeners smartphones.

Michael Johannes Muik

The sound poet, Michael Johannes Muik, will execute one of his data dada performances. Equipped with DIY sensors he will bring his surroundings into oscillation depending on his movement. A concept that he applied in a 23 day performance during a train trip from Vienna to Shanghai.


  • Kugelmugel
  • CBK Rotterdam